Google Expeditions - 15 User Expedition Kit

15 Student
iNsync Charging & Viewer Storage Case

The RedboxVR iNsync case houses up to 16
Student Devices and 1 Teaching Device with intelligent charging and integrated router and storage for 16 VR Viewers, this all-in-one expedition kit doesn't need an internet connection and requires just one 240v power supply,

What's included:
15 x Full HD 5.5" Student Devices all pre- configured with Google Expeditions.
iNSync Protective Wheeled Charging Case with 16 bay VR Viewer Storage Trays and an Integrated 5ghz Router.
Lenovo Tab 2 A10" Teaching Device pre-configured and with Google Expeditions.
15 x Mattel View-Master viewers.
GSuite or Gmail account set up on your behalf.
2 Year Support & Protection Plan.
(Expandable to 16 Users)

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