15 Bay all-in-one VR & AR kit

15 Student VR/AR Kit with 360° Camera

The RedboxVR iNcharge case houses up to 15
Student Devices and 1 Teaching Device with intelligent charging and integrated router plus storage for 15 VR Viewers, this all-in-one expedition kit doesn't need an internet connection and requires just one 110v-240v power supply,

What's included:
15 x 5.5" Full HD ARCore Student Devices
1 x 10" Full HD Android Teaching Device 
15 x Homido Grab VR Viewers
15 x Anker selfie sticks
GSuite or Gmail account set up on your behalf.
All devices pre-configured with Google Expeditions.
2 Year Support & Protection Plan

Ricoh Theta V

Add a Ricoh Theta V 360° camera and start creating your own virtual tours with Google's new VR Tour Creator. Theta V and Tour Creator make it possible to create powerful VR experiences and share stories through Poly, Google's online library of 3D content. Published tours are easily shareable and embeddable on websites, blogs and social feeds.

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Google Expeditions Kit Partner

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