IQ Connect

An effective and easy solution designed to enhance group VR learning

The IQ Connect empowers facilitators to deliver simultaneous learning to teams of 2-200+ via a simple interface that can run on PC and Mac desktops. Reach out to us to learn more about IQ Connect!

Annotate Live

Annotate live into the content to create an interactive learning experience

Control Viewing

Control what content is being viewed (in sync) across one or more headsets

View All Content

Facilitators can view all content as it is played for ultimate control

Control Playback

Control playback across grouped headsets simultaneously


Stream in real-time to a group of headsets

View Participant Activity

See what individual users are seeing via a control device (tablet, laptop, even mobile)

Create Teams

Group individual learners into teams

  1. IQ Controller class management system
  2. Wise: Emotional Fitness learning program for adult, educators and students
  3. Creators Toolkit
  4. Online teacher training and support services
  5. Maintenance and support package
  6. 12 months access

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