Important Battery & Charging Information


During use in a VR headset, the device turns off its power saving features, as it needs to remain awake during the VR session. The device also gets warm due to the processor running at high capacity and the devices chassis is used to cool the processor. This is normal during the VR session.

During a break in a VR session the devices can be put to sleep manually to conserve battery. Do this by quickly pressing the power button. This puts the device to sleep but DOES NOT power the device down.

At the end of the VR session the devices should be shut down completely by manually by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. This will bring up an on screen confirmation to power down the device. The devices MUST BE POWERED DOWN before returning to the case for storage / charging.

If a device is left running the VR software and placed into the case and plugged in to charge it cannot shut the screen down. This can lead to the device getting overly warm and the battery can be adversely affected.

The student devices should either be in VR mode within the headset or turned off to charge. They CANNOT be left in VR mode whilst charging in the case.

Failure to follow these instructions, having the devices overheat whilst being charged and left in VR mode may cause battery damage which will not be covered under warranty.

If the above guide to charging is followed the devices will perform to their optimal battery life.