RedboxVR partners with ACS to provide framework solutions

RedboxVR partners with ACS

RedboxVR partners with ACS to deliver our best-in-class service to the education sector through a strategic approach. We have been accepted onto several framework agreements. These align and allow us to deliver a full suite of technology hardware, services, and support.

ACS has always supported the local community by serving the public sector to the best of its ability. They have championed best-in-class technology to evolve design and operation of workplaces, as well as safeguarding a business’ online presence. ACS customers benefit from long-term value generation by adopting forward-thinking technologycyber securitycommunication and interior strategies,

RedboxVR partners with ACS as a technology partner that can provide a competitive advantage over their rivals. They are able to deliver a workplace experience to be proud of. Whether you are a school, college, or university, ACS can work with you to develop a strategy that is cost-effective and focuses on enhancing the learning experience.

For more than 25 years ACS Office Solutions have been proactive participants in the change and evolution of workplace design. They build connected and modern workplace environments with technology, communications and office interiors then place your security at the heart of the proposition.

In collaboration with their trusted partners, they create experiences to be proud of. ACS protect their clients businesses against ever-evolving threats to security, both online and offline. They provide and implement Technology for a more connected, efficient and modern workplace. They deliver integrated Communications around your workforce behaviour for real business benefit and create bespoke interior designs that places your workforce behaviour at the heart of their approach. Their true end-to-end service delivery enables clients to have a single point of contact and offers a simple, consolidated billing process.