Sony files patent for new VR scanning technology


An unearthed patent has revealed that Sony is working on developing a VR scanning technology. The tech will allow users to scan real-world objects and import them into a video game.

The fully developed version of the patent would allow the user to scan any object and use them within a virtual world. The exact applications of this hardware remain unclear during this time. However, it remains a ground-breaking technological achievement.

It is easy to imagine the possibilities when implementing this technology within video games. However, this hardware could also be used in other situations such as VR recreations of real-world spaces. It’s uses and possibilities remain mere speculation at this point. It is important to know that Sony hasn’t officially been granted the patent yet, originally filing it in June 2021.

This makes it clear that VR scanning technology of any kind remains a fair time away. It is nevertheless interesting to see such a large company striving to push the boundaries of VR. It would seem that the patent office are moving forward with the patent following recent updates and revisions by Sony.

The tech would most likely work alongside Sony’s own line of VR devices as the tech giant doubles down on making waves within the industry. They remain occupied working on their recently announced PSVR2 which has become a major talking point due to Sony’s lack of information about the product.