30 Student All-in-One iNCharge
Charging Case Specifications:


VR cases and Parotec specifications of electrics. Parotec Approvals:
CE Approved
ISO 9001 registered (2015)

Solutions based around our 16 & 36 x Port PCB Intelligence Board have been subject to testing at Cass Industries Limited an compliance testing and CE marking partner for UK & EU requirements.

Parotec PCB Boards:
PCB Inner board Power consumption:
5V @ 34A maximum supply (each port is current limited to 2.1A)
Robust design with up to 35 possible fixing holes on uniform 25mm centres
IEC/EN 60335 compliant and CE certified
Input voltage required up to 5.3V

Charge & Sync version of PCB also UL (USA) approved
*Charge Only boards currently used for VR kits. IF sending to US we would add Charge & Sync PCB’s.

Parotec: Explorer Cases. Used to house all VR Kit.

Where no modification to the physical case is made these are fully waterproof and dust free.

Where we may have added external cooling fans the cases are reduced to weather proof and dust free.

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