360° makes it real

High-resolution 360° spherical still images and 4K video
360° spatial audio recording
Support for 4K 360° live streaming output
Bluetooth and wireless LAN dual communication

A camera that shoots everything in 360°

High end model for realistically experiencing all types of spaces.

A spherical image or movie can be easily taken in one shot.
The camera can be freely moved and viewed 360 degrees, edited and shared.

Theta 360° Shooting Kit

Theta 360° Shooting kit

This custom kit is perfect for location 360° photography and video, ideal for a school virtual tour..

The kit comes complete with Monopod & base (extendable to 170cm), Selfie stick, Ricoh Theta SC or Theta V, USB charger and lead all in a tough weatherproof case. 

Theta V and Tour Creator make it possible to create powerful VR experiences and share stories through Poly, Google's online library of 3D content. Published tours are easily shareable and embedded on websites, blogs and social feeds.

Create a virtual tour

Google VR Tour Creator makes it easy to build immersive, 360° tours right from your computer

RICOH THETA V is compatible with the Street View app

The app enables you to record and publish 360 video (as Street View) to Google Maps. Join people from around the world in mapping and exploring new spaces with the RICOH THETA V and Google Maps Street View.


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