Quickly create VR learning experiences.
No code required

RedboxVR can offer our fantastic all-in-one VR headset solutions with Creators Toolkit to place the power of creation into the hands of individuals. Reach out to us today to learn more about implementing Creators Toolkit in your school or business!

Creators Toolkit allows you to drag-and-drop 360 media, add interactive notations for sound and text, and teleport between videos or images.
These immersive experiences can then be viewed and shared immediately, either on a Mac or PC desktop or in a VR headset..

Creators Toolkit

Creators Toolkit is used in schools and businesses alike for projects ranging from interactive tours for immersive learning to authoring safety training modules.

Creators Toolkit

A no-code, sandbox approach, making it easy to create, publish and play your own VR projects and tours, to enhance those traditional modes of delivery and learning.

Creators Toolkit


All common file formats supported


Build complex storylines and scenarios by interlinking media

Rich Content

Embed rich media into your experiences

Create Notations

Add audio or text popups to enhance the visual content


View your modules on the computer before delivering them in virtual reality


Seamlessly share VR straight to your headset from the toolkit

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