A powerful VR meditation tool.

Momentarily escape from the pressures of urban life with SolasVR. Restart your brain with guided meditation in nature with amazing 360° videos. Put your VR headset on and discover a world of tranquillity…

SolasVR is so much more than any old meditation app. With guided meditations, tailored for modern people, this is the perfect option to reconnect with nature and take a little bit of time for yourself.

A VR meditation app is what you need to feel more connected to your inner self. Virtual Reality ‘tricks’ the user’s body into thinking they are in the natural environment of these locations shown in the videos. This triggers the endorphins in the exact same way as if you were actually there. These endorphins that are released allow for increased feelings of calm and increased feelings of wellbeing.

Take a look

Your journey starts here with this 360 video. If you have a VR headset, put it on to enjoy the full experience. If you don’t – no worries – you will still get a flavour of what SolasVR is about and how easy it is to access the experiences.

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Better Training

A focused mind learns faster. This is why a short mindful break is a powerful boost to training effectiveness. SolasVR helps to keep trainees focused and creates a more receptive state of mind.

Better Collaboration

“Alone you’ll go faster but together we’ll go further” – this is corporate collaboration in a nutshell. SolasVR helps employees become more self-aware, less judgemental and more of a team player.

Better Leaders

Mindfulness is the most recent checkpoint every team leader and manager should focus on in order to run a healthy business. Employee stress and burnout have put established leadership styles at stake.

Better Communication

SolasVR can help you take corporate meetings to a whole new level and say goodbye to Zoom fatigue. SolasVR hosts mindful meetings in virtual settings alongside EngageVR and Educators in VR.

Create a productive work environment

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With working from home becoming more and more common, the workplace as we know it has changed. Managers face the great challenge to keep teams together due to them no longer being in the same workplace.

Employee psychology has dramatically changed after the Covid-19 experience – mental health has emerged as a major concern for leaders. Corporate mindfulness moves to the top of the list as a new, yet pressing demand.

Be More Present

We are connected to everything but ourselves. Busy lifestyle, multi-tasking, anxiety and stress make us live life in a less than present way. SolasVR works to relieve these issues.

Researchers have shifted their focus from traditional treatments to mindfulness, as there is compelling evidence about its impact on key areas of mental health such as depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness is considered to be an existing knowledge just waiting to be found, given that it is founded on brain functionality that hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

15 User Pico G2 4K Kit

We can preinstall SolasVR on your VR Kit…


Majestic Landscapes

A unique journey of the mind in the fields, lakes, mountains of Ireland. Be there even if you are not really there.

Guided Meditations

Make the most of your journey with guided meditations. Be present and refreshed like never before.

Mindful Community

Join the community via their website and Facebook. Become a part of a worldwide mindful movement.

Gifts and family packs

Welcome your friends and family to your mindful world. Purchase a bulk subscription or give the gift of wellbeing to those you care about.

Social Consciousness

For every purchase that you make, a donation to a local charity is made. Everyone deserves a meaningful life.

Regular Updates

The SolasVR library is updated regularly with new landscapes and meditations. Tailor your experience so suit your liking.

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