Metaverse Learning is a global leader in the transformation of education, learning and assessment through the use of VR & AR. They create industry-leading simulations to train workers across a range of different industries.

Transforming education with immersive learning experiences.

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Working in Health & Social Care environments require both excellent clinical and interpersonal skills. This training has been designed to support front-line healthcare professionals in their learning journey. It is applicable to both the NHS and private practices.

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Health & Social Care

Learners develop patient care skills in virtual scenarios, including a hospital ward, care home and residential dwelling.

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Learners go through the ABCDE approach to nursing in a realistic virtual scenario whilst remaining in a safe environment.

Early Years

Early Years Practitioners play a key role in children’s cognitive, emotional and social development. Working with key industry partners, including the Early Years Alliance, these programs are designed to provide engaging, immersive learning for Early Years Practitioners.

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Early Years Practitioner

This program develops the skills and knowledge needed to become an Early Years Educator.

Electric Vehicle

From 2030, the UK Government will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles, fuelling an acceleration in the sale of Electric Vehicles. Infrastructure and expertise to support this wave of new Electric Vehicles now needs developing. It includes ensuring enough charge points in homes, businesses and public areas and a sufficient workforce of skilled Service Technicians to repair and maintain Electric Vehicles.

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Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation

Learners develop the skills and knowledge needed to work in this sector across residential and commercial settings.


While construction training is associated with being very ‘hands-on’, this suite of programs are developed to create a realistic training experience without real-world hazards or wastage.

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Learners go through each stage of bricklaying in a realistic virtual environment to practise their skills.

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Learners go through the ABCDE approach to nursing in a realistic virtual scenario whilst remaining in a safe environment.

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Carpentry & Joinery

This program takes learners through several stages of carpentry, including first fix and second fix jobs.

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Painting & Decorating

This immersive Painting & Decorating program gives learners the knowledge and skills they need to work in this area.

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This program takes the learner through several stages of plastering including external rendering and internal plastering.

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This program takes learners through everything they need to know about tiling from tools to application.

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Learners discover the processes involved in the assessment, design and installation of improvements to a range of existing residential building types.


Engineering often consists of complex topics and hazardous environments. These programs are developed with education and industry partners to make complex learning easy to understand and apply.

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Electrical Engineering

This training takes learners through all aspects of electrotechnical engineering to develop the skills needed for this industry.

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Plumbing & Gas

Virtual scenarios include inspecting, installing, commissioning and fault finding on different systems.

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Welding & Fabrication

This simulation teaches learners about various welding techniques such as Oxyacetylene, TIG, MAG and more.

Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy sector is an area of growth as organisations look to fill skills gaps across a number of specialisms. Across the globe the spotlight on climate change means the renewables sector has a vital role to play. Metaverse Learning works with education and industry partners to co-create programs that train the people needed to make the renewables sector thrive.

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Heat Pumps

This simulation provides learners with the skills and knowledge they need to work in this area.

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Solar PV

Learners apply and test their knowledge on all aspects of the system from components through to maintenance.

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Solar Thermal

Learners are taken through several stages of a solar thermal domestic hot water system through virtual scenarios.


The hospitality industry continues to face a skills shortage, and collectively the industry is acting now to implement changes to upskill, reskill and level-up to continue to do what they do best. These training programs are designed in collaboration with education and industry to equip trainee Commis Chefs with the skills to work effectively in a kitchen environment.

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Commis Chef

This program teaches learners about preparing food and undertaking basic cooking tasks in different sections of a kitchen.

Metaverse Learning is compatible with our Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro Kits.

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