VR-Based Stress Relief, Relaxation & Immersive Meditation

The core EscapeVR includes:

  • A library of high-quality soothing immersive 360-degree videos
  • A number of exciting and relaxing immersive games
  • A special full-body-scan mediation module

Market-specific versions of EscapeVR address the specific requirements of enterprises (for employee stress relief and well-being), hospitals (patients, including children and staff), teams (meditation classes, stress management classes, care homes), and individuals (seeking stress relief and meditation).

EscapeVR is Mativision’s turn-key solution for stress relief relaxation and meditation through VR.

EscapeVR has already been field tested for two years in large hospitals providing stress relief to patients:

  • More than 2000 patients have used the software
  • 65% reduction in anxiety of patients while using the software
  • 80% of users were more relaxed after their experience
  • 96% of users would recommend the experience to others

We can pre-load your kit with EscapeVR

We can install the software onto each headset so that your headsets are ready to go straight out of the box.

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