Children using augmented reality devices

Augmented Reality

Here at RedboxVR, we are able to offer top-of-the-line Augmented Reality experiences for the classroom.

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience using a real world environment. AR works by altering objects, landscapes and even sometimes people that reside in the real world. This emerging technology can be easily implemented into the classroom with our Classroom VR/AR Kits!

The Benefits of AR

An Enhanced Reality

Unlike Virtual Reality, AR incorporates computer-generated elements into the user’s view of the real world. Virtual Reality on the other hand places the user into a completely virtual experience with little to no input from the real world.

Unique Digital Experiences

One of the best aspects of Augmented Reality is that it does not require any specialist hardware in order to be used. Our Classroom Kits are more than capable of utilizing AR and supplying a stunning digital experience.

Increased Immersion

Using AR in an educational setting tends to see a higher level of engagement through the addition of rich visuals and increased immersion into the subject matter.

a Homido Grab VR viewer

Lesson Ideas


Well don’t be! It has been tested and proven that AR enhances subject learning through AR’s additional interactivity and visual representation of the subject matter. When compared against traditional learning techniques, students who used AR answered more questions correctly on more than one occasion.

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