Meta introduce new Travel Mode


In the latest update for their Quest 2 & 3 headsets, Meta has introduced a new Travel Mode.

Available in Quest software version 65 or later, the new mode focuses on allowing users to use their Quest headsets whilst flying on an aeroplane. The mode is not yet optimised for other methods of travel such as cars or trains, but Meta has said these could become available in the future.

This new mode does not change the fact that applications will still need Wi-Fi. This means that users will need to either ensure that their chosen airline has Wi-Fi, or pre-download content that can be used offline.

Although the mode is still currently in beta, it can be tried now by navigating to settings and then experimental features. Once enabled, the mode can be toggled from the Quest’s universal menu.

Further to this great new mode, Meta has recently formed a partnership with Lufthansa, a German airline. They have partnered with them to put Quest 3’s, equipped with the new travel mode, into select business class flights.

Interestingly, it seems as though Meta is taking heavy inspiration from one of their rival’s devices, the Apple Vision Pro. The Vision Pro has had a travel mode for a while, also providing users with a better experience aboard aeroplanes.

This is a great step towards making the Meta Quest a line of headsets that are multi-purpose and could potentially even attract new users who want to use the headset whilst on the move.

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