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5 Bay AR-VR kit

RedboxVR Classroom
VR & AR kit

Introducing the NEW 5 Student all-in-one VR & AR device charging & storage solution.
Introduce your students to a new way of learning with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). 
Discover 1000s of Educational VR and AR apps with the RedboxVR all-in-one kit, a scalable and durable complete turnkey solution.

15 bay VR & AR kit

15 Student AR/VR Kit

15 Student all-in-one VR & AR device charging & storage solution
Discover Classroom Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with the RedboxVR all-in-one kit, a scalable and durable complete turnkey solution.

Students can now create their own Virtual Tours with the Ricoh Theta V 360° camera added to the kit. It makes it easy to build immersive, 360° tours right from your computer.

Virtual Field Trips

Bringing virtual and augmented reality to every school

Great teaching has always been the secret to opening the eyes and minds of students, but with the introduction of the RedboxVR Classroom Kits, we really are looking at a game changer when it comes to learning.

Imagine being able to transport students to some of the most fascinating and awe inspiring destinations without ever leaving the classroom.

30 User Kit

Hassle-Free Charging

The RedboxVR case gives ultimate protection to your kit.
The case has dual fans keeping the unit cool so the devices can be charged with the lid closed.
The case has wheels and an extendable handle,

Homido Grab

Expedition Headsets & Viewers

Enter the world of virtual reality with the Homido Grab Viewer.
Reviewed and certified by Google, GRAB works perfectly with Google Expeditions and thousands of applications with the RedboxVR system.

Teaching Devices

Included with the RedboxVR kit is a 10.1" Full HD Android tablet, allowing the teacher to be in complete control whilst leading expeditions. The tablet is for guiding the students around virtual field trips, 

Student Devices

Using FulHD 5.5"devices the Student Devices all connect using super fast 5Ghz WiFi built into the RedboxVR kit, just slip the Student Device into the RedboxVR headset, launch the app and away you go.

RedboxVR Classroom  VR & AR Kits

Behind the scenes look at RedboxVR's manufacturing
process of the Classroom VR & AR Kits
and how they are implemented in to the classroom

30 User Kit

Intelligent Sync & Charge

The built-in electronics are manufactured by Ability Tec a commercially focused Social Enterprise that manufacture Microprocessor controlled PCB boards for optimal charging.
IEC/EN 60335 compliant. 

Homido Grab

Integrated 5ghz Router

The built in 5ghz router keeps all the student devices connected to the teaching device. The system does not require an internet connection and works independently from any network. 

Custom Viewer Cases

The RedboxVR custom viewer case is made of high quality ABS it is also shockproof giving absolute maximum protection. The case can also be padlocked to prevent any unwanted access to the unit.

Start Exploring

Our kits offer a truly immersive learning experience that brings 360 degree panoramas together with points of interest and questions that dovetail with the school curriculum. 

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