RedboxVR Education Kits

We offer a range of virtual reality kits that are perfect for the classroom. From our strapless Classroom VR/AR Kits to our highly immersive Pico Neo3 Kits, we’re sure to offer something to meet your requirements.

Making learning more engaging

Our kits provide a more immersive and engaging experience for students. When students are engaged, they are more receptive to the subject they are learning about.

There are a wide range of virtual and augmented reality applications available for download that will transform and revamp your classroom.

Education Kits

Classroom VR/AR Kits

RedboxVR Classroom VR/AR Kits are specifically designed with the teacher in mind. Choose from a range of kit sizes to best suit your requirements. Our kits range from 5 user kits for small group learning to 30 user kits designed to be used by an entire class.

Pico G3 Kits

With stronger performance, a vivid display, a larger battery capacity and a higher refresh rate – the Pico G3 is perfect for use in education. The G3 is the next step in the evolution of immersive 3DoF Virtual Reality headsets. The Pico store is packed with educational applications spanning a range of subjects.

Pico Neo3 Pro Kits

Our Pico Neo3 Pro Kits offer the ultimate virtual reality experience. With 6 degrees of freedom, a high fidelity field of view and built-in spatial stereo speakers, the Neo3 Pro is both one of the most immersive and refined headsets on the market.

Pico 4 Enterprise Kits

Our Pico 4 Enterprise Kits are the pinnacle of VR. The Pico 4 Enterprise is the first PICO headset to feature precise face, eye, and hand tracking. The Pico 4 is not a replacement for the Neo3 and G2 4K models, it is a new line of headsets offering the widest choice of features available.

Lesson Ideas

Virtual Tours


Meet ExpeditionsPro, the home of enchanting virtual excursions and immersive experiences. Want to visit the Egyptian pyramids or gaze out over China’s Great Wall? You can do it all with a few taps, you can travel and learn without having to leave your house! ExpeditionsPro is the ultimate platform for creating, sharing and viewing virtual tours.


MEL Science

MEL VR Science Simulations is a growing series of science simulations, lessons, and labs covering chemistry and physics. Made to fit right into the school curriculum, virtual reality turns studying into an interactive and immersive experience, making learning entertaining.

Wellbeing & Relaxation


SolasVR goes beyond meditation as we know it. With an immersive gallery of landscapes, nature sounds and guided meditations, Solas VR replicates the feeling of being out in nature, enjoying the inner calmness we are made for. SolasVR creates a seamless multi-sensory experience, initiating a journey within.

Learning in AR


Fectar offers a wide library of Augmented Reality content that can be used to immerse your students in their learning. Thousands of educational institutions from primary schools to universities are embracing new technologies. Fectar simplifies AR and VR learning by providing a free app that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and AR & VR devices. 

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The VR sessions at Westminster Business School go beyond traditional teaching methods, allowing more than 500 Management and Marketing students to become active participants in immersive learning environments. From exploring shea nut supply chains in Ghana to engaging in diverse workplace scenarios, students are no longer …

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