We provide our VR kits all over the globe in a wide range of different industries. The physical applications for the ever growing world of Virtual Reality technology are practically endless. VR can help minimise costs whilst maximising efficiency.

Working with a number of police forces around he UK we have provided bespoke solutions ranging from 360 video creation and deployment for firearms training to complex interactive scenario recreations for Digital investigations.

With the advent of Virtual Reality Training systems from RedboxVR, otherwise dangerous environments can be recreated virtually in the safety of the classroom. From 360 video of burn houses to road safety training, we can provide the ideal solution.

Many cutting edge therapies are now able to utilise VR as part of the solution. RedboxVR can provide hardware and case solutions and have many clients within the healthcare sector and the NHS. We also supply UV Sterilisation cabinets from Uvisan.

Since 2016 RedboxVR has been one of the worlds leading VR solution providers in the education sector. With several thousand VR kits in schools and colleges worldwide we are the go-to VR solution trusted by teachers and students everywhere.

From high end flight simulators to VR gaming systems we can provide solutions to the entertainment industry. By offering such accessories as haptic suits and specialised game controllers, whatever your requirements are, RedboxVR can build a solution to suit.

Working with several large manufacturing companies to provide Virtual Reality Training systems and Health & Safety training programs, RedboxVR are able to provide the complete solution including hardware, software and training content.

Virtual Reality is playing a ever growing part in the mandatory training of workers within the Petrochemical Industry. Being at the forefront of this technology places RedboxVR as a world leader in Virtual Reality Training within the Petrochemical Industry.

Working with several branches of the Military, RedboxVR have been able to create solutions that are both rugged and streamlined to create the perfect Virtual Reality Kits that are available to purchase across all the leading military frameworks.

With big companies turning to Virtual Reality for their corporate training programs, RedboxVR are able to offer bespoke solutions that can be branded to whatever a customer requires.

Health and Safety training can be completed from the comfort and safety of the classroom.

Whether its vehicle control orientation or distribution staff induction videos, RedboxVR Classroom kits are used throughout the logistics industries in the UK and beyond.