Interactive VR Science lessons aligned with the school curriculum

Experience a new level of understanding in VR with MEL Science.

Over 70 VR lessons and tests covering the school chemistry and physics curriculums.

Over 70 Immersive Lessons

Average lesson time is between 3-7 minutes long and is easily combined with classic lesson time.

Interactive & Visualised

Build atoms and molecules, dive into substances, explore an interactive periodic table and more.

Control the lessons easily

Control the whole class in just a few clicks on your tablet or phone with special teachers mode.

1 Year Premium License included on all Kits for Education

“I found myself wanting to show the lessons to my class immediately.”

Brinn Belyea, Chemistry teacher

“A glimpse into the future of chemistry education.”

Adrian Dingle, Chemistry Author and Educator

What is MEL Science?

The software comes preinstalled on all devices in our classroom VR/AR kits. This means that when you receive your kit, you can simply charge up and use. Our classroom kits also include a full 1 year’s license so you can experience a new way to teach science completely free with no charges for a year!

Become a researcher in a scientific laboratory.

You will enter the MEL Virtual Laboratory, where you will zoom in on such seemingly simple objects like a pencil or a balloon, fly between molecules and atoms, and understand the differences between solids and gaseous substances at a molecular level!

Don’t memorize, understand!

It’s not enough to memorize formulas from a textbook. To understand the concepts of science, shrink down to the molecular and atomic level, immerse yourself in different types of matter and see how atoms and molecules interact from a whole new perspective.

Online school in virtual reality

It is difficult to retain the attention of children with formulas and boring textbooks. Immersed in virtual reality, nothing distracts from study. Short 5-minute VR lessons, interactive labs, and simulations are an excellent way to understand complex chemical and physical concepts through engaging visualizations. With MEL VR Science Simulations, science becomes a favourite subject at home and at school.

To cover all the main topics, at present the application contains a growing library of over 70 VR lessons, labs, and simulations. MEL VR Science simulations also has lessons, labs, and simulations covering isotopes, electrons, ions, the periodic table, molecular formulas, isomers, electrostatics and much more.

The future of education is already here, download the MEL VR Science simulations application right now!

All content is also available to view in 2D. Language options available.

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VR lessons covering the main curriculum topics

Illustration of atoms in solids

Atoms in solids

The first lesson shows that all matter consists of atoms. It will take you inside a diamond and graphite.

Illustration of atoms in gases

Atoms in gases

Zoom inside a helium balloon and see that helium gas consists of atoms that are flying.

Illustration of an atom's structure

Atom structure

Learn that an atom consists of a tiny atomic nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud.

Illustration of an electron

Electron orbitals

See that when an electron becomes a part of the atom, it is spread around the nucleus like a cloud, and you will see the shape of S and P orbitals.

Illustration of an isotope


Find that different carbon atoms always contain 6 protons but can contain a different number of neutrons in the nucleus.

Illustration of an atomic orbital

Orbital names

See electrons being added to an atom one by one and learn the names of the orbitals.

Illustration of the electron configuration of an atom

Electron configuration

See how the electron configuration diagram works whilst adding electrons to the nucleus, one by one.

Illustration of an oxygen atom

Oxygen atom

Assemble your own oxygen atom with the given number of protons, neutrons and electrons.

Illustration of a carbon atom

Carbon atom

Assemble your own carbon atom with the given number of protons, neutrons, and work out how many electrons to add yourself.

Illustration of a carbon 14 isotope

Carbon 14 isotope

Assemble your own carbon 14 isotope with the given number of protons and the given atomic mass.

Illustration of a sodium atom

Sodium atom

Assemble your own sodium atom with the given number of protons and the given atomic mass.

and many more

Download the app today to explore the full range of interactive VR lessons!

VR lessons

Develop a deeper understanding of chemistry by actually observing molecules from the inside.

Atoms in solids

Electron orbitals

Periodic table

Atomic mass


Make a molecule

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