Immersive Technologies

Virtual Reality

Here at RedboxVR, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with first-rate Virtual Reality experiences.

What is VR?

Virtual Reality is a term used to describe a highly immersive, computer simulated environment. This reality is created by a combination of software and hardware.

Why use VR?

The objective of VR is to place the user inside an experience. This can be used to great effect for educational purposes as well as for staff training purposes.

The history of VR

Since the first consumer virtual reality headsets came out in early 2016, technology companies around the globe have been striving to improve and refine their VR offerings.

RedboxVR Multi-User Kits

Making VR easy.


Our kits include multiple VR headsets in a wheeled case which makes transporting the devices incredibly easy.


Our cases are military grade and offer an unprecedented level of protection against bangs and scrapes. Your devices are safe with us.

a RedboxVR Virtual Reality Kit

The Hardware

Our Kits use the latest and greatest virtual reality devices such as the Pico G3 and Pico Neo3 Pro. These headsets are able to provide the ultimate immersive experience tailored to your requirements.

We are proud to be the UK distributor of Pico Interactive products

The Software

There are countless VR applications ready and waiting to be installed and experienced. We do not lock our kits down in any way and we can work with you to ascertain your requirements and pre-install any software you may desire.

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Lesson Ideas

*Applications available through the Pico Store accessed through the headset

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