Case Study


RedboxVR has recently collaborated with The University of Westminster to supply 50 Pico G3 headsets and headphones into Westminster Business School. This initiative makes Westminster Business School one of the first in the UK to embed VR technology as a core component of their educational approach.

Immersive Learning Environments

The VR sessions at Westminster Business School go beyond traditional teaching methods, allowing more than 500 Management and Marketing students to become active participants in immersive learning environments. From exploring shea nut supply chains in Ghana to engaging in diverse workplace scenarios, students are no longer passive observers but active participants in their educational journey.

The School of Management and Marketing is leading this project within Westminster Business School and will continue using VR in semester two. Currently, Westminster University has implemented VR into various undergraduate modules including Sustainability Marketing, Contemporary Issues in Sports Management, International Market Planning and Strategy and Contemporary Selling and Sales Management. It has also been added into two postgraduate modules: Product and Brand Management and Designing Value.

The University of Westminster requested that we pre-configure the headsets with INSEAD XR, a turnkey solution powered by AVRIS Technologies. This solution provides software, content, and the required services that enabled Westminster Business School to adopt this solution and apply it for their purposes. 

AVRIS Technologies has developed a unique approach to immersive case facilitation in live class settings. With a proprietary Unity based application that runs on the devices, coupled with a web application used to manage the session. This dual-end software solution provides robustness of delivery, as well as insights into explicit and implicit data, unique to VR-enabled immersive learning.

INSEAD-XR offers the most extensive library of immersive content in business and management studies. The cases published are often documentary-based, bringing learners to real places and situations. Other cases are scripted, offering a highly interactive user interface to support learning and growth. 

“We have embraced Virtual Reality not just as a tool, but as an integral part of our teaching strategy, enhancing student’s experience. With VR, students’ engagement has increased substantially, facilitating a strong sense of presence with undivided attention. Experiential learning is more memorable and impactful.”

Professor José Luis Ruiz-Alba Robledo

Memorable and Impactful Learning

One of the key outcomes of integrating VR into the curriculum is the enhancement of experiential learning. With VR, students are exposed to realistic scenarios that are both memorable and impactful. Experiential learning has become a cornerstone of the educational experience, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical, real-world situations.

Facilitating Undivided Attention

The immersive nature of VR sessions not only captures students’ attention but also facilitates undivided focus. Professor Ruiz-Alba Robledo highlighted that students’ engagement has increased substantially, creating an environment where learners are fully immersed in the educational content. This undivided attention contributes to a more effective and meaningful learning experience.

The collaboration between RedboxVR and Westminster Business School has paved the way for a transformative educational experience. By supplying Pico G3 headsets and headphones, RedboxVR has played a crucial role in revolutionizing the approach to education at Westminster Business School. The integration of VR technology has not only enhanced engagement and understanding but has also made experiential learning more memorable and impactful.

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