Case Study

This RAF Air Cadets Case Study will explore a recent collaboration between RedboxVR and the Air Cadets where we demonstrated the immersive capabilities of VR technology through an interactive VR demonstration at the Air Cadets’ training facility, powered by Spawnpoint. The event aimed to introduce the cadets to cutting-edge VR hardware and software, fostering a deeper understanding of its applications in training the next generation of The Royal Air Force.


The Royal Air Force Air Cadets, a youth organization affiliated with the Royal Air Force, encourages young people to engage in aviation-related activities and develop valuable skills for their future endeavours. We recognized the opportunity to showcase our VR solutions to this dynamic and tech-savvy audience so we travelled to RNAS Inskip with Fennec Labs to set up an interactive VR demonstration at the Air Cadets’ training facility.


We set up one of our HTC VIVE Focus 3 Kits for the cadets to experience how immersive VR can be. These cutting-edge headsets offered high-resolution displays and precise tracking, ensuring a smooth and realistic VR experience. The lightweight design and ergonomic features of the VIVE Focus 3 ensured comfort during extended use, essential for immersive training scenarios.

Additionally, the cadets had the opportunity to experience the Mavrik-Pro haptic feedback rifle from StrikerVR. This advanced VR peripheral enhanced immersion by providing realistic recoil and vibration feedback during gameplay. The Mavrik-Pro showcased the potential of tactile feedback technology in creating lifelike VR simulations, ideal for training scenarios requiring precision and realism.


Fennec Labs showcased their innovative Spawnpoint platform, where the cadets were able to play a VR shooter called RE:COIL. The cadets became fully immersed in intense multiplayer battles with one another, making full use of cutting-edge location-based entertainment. The seamless integration of Spawnpoint with the VIVE Focus 3 headsets provided a hassle-free gaming experience, demonstrating the potential of VR gaming platforms for training applications.


The VR demonstration received an enthusiastic response from the Air Cadets, who embraced the opportunity to explore VR technology firsthand. The cadets were impressed by the realism and immersion offered by the HTC VIVE Focus 3 headsets and the engaging gameplay of RE:COIL on the Spawnpoint platform. The StrikerVR Mavrik-Pro rifle added an extra layer of excitement, demonstrating the potential of haptic feedback in enhancing VR experiences.

Only two out of the four Air Cadets had used VR before. However, all of them agreed that the experience was beneficial and they were excited about the possibility of implementing VR into their activities as an Air Cadet. They were initially sceptical about entering VR but that soon changed as, when beginning their second game, they relaxed and became fully immersed in the experience.

The only criticism that came from one of the cadets was that she found the experience blurry. However, this was soon rectified when we discovered that her headset wasn’t tight enough and we showed her how to adjust it.

The event fostered collaboration between ourselves, Fennec Labs, and The Royal Air Force Air Cadets, paving the way for future partnerships in utilizing VR technology for training and education purposes.

We even got to have a go on Spawnpoint ourselves which was great!