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Frequently Asked Questions

How well does the product meet the Council’s requirements for school use, as set out in the specification?

RedboxVR kits exceed the specification set out in the document provided by the Council.

How well does the solution meet the quality requirements of the Council?

By taking control of the design, manufacture and build of the RedboxVR kits, we can ensure that the entire solution is perfectly suited to the education environment. RedboxVR cases are robust, dustproof and splash proof. They have fold out handles and wheels for excellent portability.
ReboxVR cases are lockable and have the ability to charge all devices whilst closed, due to the fan cooling system and RedboxVR only requires a single lead for power. The router power and device charging takes place within the unit.
Homido Grab headsets are not only durable and lightweight, they are easy to handle and can be
wiped clean after use. Headsets are stored in custom manufactured protective foam, making them easy to store. RedboxVR student devices are high resolution and provide a sharp and vibrant viewing experience. They exceed Google’s specific hardware requirements for Google Expeditions kits.

How simple is the solution for pupils to use for pupils?

Google Expeditions is the largest VR platform for education in the world and is designed to take
children on an immersive learning experience. Guided by teachers, students are educated about
everything from the Seven Wonders of the World to outer space, providing an excellent immersive experience.

How easy is the solution for teachers to use for teachers?

Expeditions enables teachers to take their classes on virtual field trips, immersing students in
experiences that bring abstract concepts to life and giving students a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom. Using a tablet, teachers can guide up to 50 students using virtual reality viewers. Teachers can guide their class and point out highlights while referring to editable notes, while maintaining control of their students.

Does the product work seamlessly with the proposed networking solution?

Google Expeditions are designed so the teaching device stores the content locally and then casts it to the student devices. This allows the system to work without an internet connection while using expeditions, because RedboxVR kits contain a fully configured, built-in dual band router, it does not rely on the schools wifi infrastructure. If other apps that require internet access are used, the router in the kit can be connected by a single patch lead to a network socket in the school and the router will act as an access point, giving all the devices connectivity.

What other functionality does the solution provide?

Google Gsuite software allows RedboxVR kits to update automatically. The content and software for Google Expeditions is constantly being added to and improved. In addition to this, there are many apps available currently that are fully supported by the RedboxVR hardware, and these continue to grow. A great example of an AR experience is Anatomy4D.

How well did the supplier demonstrate their ability to deliver their solution within the required timescales?

RedboxVR manufactures it’s cases and electrical components in Greater Manchester and has the production ability to meet large order quantities. We custom configure our devices to a schools GSuite account and all of the configuration is done in-house.
Training is provided by RedboxVR according to the customers schedule.

CE Marking
The mandatory conformity marking for products sold in the European Economic Area.
The CE marking or formerly EC mark, is a mandatory conformity marking for products sold in the
European Economic Area (EEA) since 1993.
The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.


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