Effective Infection Control with Cleanbox


Ensure effective infection control during secure and repeatable virtual and augmented reality experiences with Cleanbox in classrooms, high-volume entertainment venues, healthcare settings and more. Follow Cleanbox’s professional Good/Better/Best protocols, developed in collaboration with healthcare partners to prioritize safety effectively.

Good: For a simple and effective approach, use your Cleanbox between every user. Avoid germ spread by decontaminating headsets in a quick 1-minute cycle, ensuring consistent results without hassle.

Better: Enhance your cleaning process for XR headsets. Wipe away debris and sweat from the outside of the headset before placing it in the Cleanbox. Keep a backup clean headset ready for immediate use to speed up processes!

Best: Optimize your hygiene protocol for utmost safety. Prior to placing the headset in the Cleanbox, sanitize your hands and remove any debris from the headset using a wipe. Run the 1-minute cycle, open the door, and decontaminate your hands again before removing the headset. For secure storage until next use, place the clean headset in a sterile, sealable bag or in a Cleanbox charging and storage cabinet.’

Discover Cleanbox today and use it to ensure effective infection control and introduce virtual reality technology into your organisation! Cleanbox kills 99.999% of all contagions on shared devices to keep you safe.