What VR can do for you


VR is an emerging medium with numerous applications for both business and educational use. VR has the potential to change the way we experience the world around us and how we interact with it. In this blog, we explore what VR can do for you.

Take Virtual Field Trips

One significant advantage of VR is its ability to enhance learning. VR can transport you to places that are impossible to visit physically with software such as ExpeditionsPro. Teachers can use ExpeditionsPro to show students the bottom of the ocean or the surface of the moon, places that are otherwise impossible to visit physically.

It can also be used to show students breathtaking landmarks from around the globe. Visiting these locations allows the teacher to teach their students in a manner that students will find more engaging and interesting.

ExpeditionsPro in action

Learn about STEM Subjects

VR can also be used to learn about STEM subjects, subjects which are often essential to core school curriculums. One software which focuses on this is MEL Science. With MEL Science, children can explore the microscopic world by shrinking down to the size of an atom and learning about atomic structures and various molecule compositions.

One of the key features of MEL Science is its ability to visualize complex atomic structures in a simplified manner. Children can see how atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, and how these particles are arranged to form different elements. The software allows students to better understand the fundamental principles of chemistry.

A screenshot of MEL Science

Refine Public Speaking

It can also provide a safe environment to learn new skills, such as surgical procedures or flight simulations. With VR, you can learn by doing, which is much more effective than learning through traditional methods. Software such as Bodyswaps allows users to practise public speaking techniques, effectively training individuals at scale.

Bodyswaps uses cutting-edge technology to provide your learners with personalised feedback and guidance. Algorithms analyse learner behaviour in VR and provide them with insights that will help the way they interact with others.

Bodyswaps being used in a college

Attend Virtual Concerts

It’s no secret that VR has revolutionised entertainment in recent years. With VR, you can experience games, movies, and even concerts in an entirely new way. Imagine watching your favourite band or musician perform as if you were right there on stage with them, or exploring a virtual world in a game like never before. VR is a powerful tool for creating immersive experiences that can transport you to another world entirely.

For example, on January 13th 2023, internationally renowned producer, songwriter and DJ Calvin Harris performed his first-ever DJ set in virtual reality. The experience was available in VR exclusively on Pico devices and was broadcast globally on TikTok LIVE.

Another musician who has performed in VR is Fatboy Slim. He performed on ENGAGE, a metaverse platform which is usually used for education and training purposes. It can be used to host and join immersive meetings, virtual events, training & development sessions and more.

Calvin Harris & Fatboy Slim both performed in VR

Practise Mindfulness

VR can also be used to relax and practise mindfulness. What could be more relaxing than being transported to the scenic Irish countryside and being taken through a guided medication? Well, that’s exactly what you can do with SolasVR.

SolasVR is so much more than any old meditation app. With guided meditations, tailored for modern people, this is the perfect option to reconnect with nature and take a little bit of time for yourself. The software offers a wide range of guided meditations, tailored to suit modern lifestyles. The guided meditations are designed to help users achieve a state of deep relaxation and to increase mindfulness and awareness.

What VR headset is right for you?

This is a question that is always on the lips of individuals looking to implement VR into their business or educational institution. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. Ultimately, it depends on if 3DoF or 6DoF technology is required.

We have previously undertaken a comparison between the two here.

In conclusion, VR is a technology that has the potential to provide value in many key areas. As VR technology continues to develop, we can expect to see more and more innovative uses of this powerful tool. Whether you are a student, a therapist, a gamer, or just someone looking for a new way to experience the world, VR has something for everyone.