How to Install ExpeditionsPro on your Android device


The following guide will teach you how to install ExpeditionsPro from the Google Play store so that you can take your class on virtual field trips from the comfort of the classroom.

ExpeditionsPro provides Free VR Tours and Expeditions in fully immersive Virtual Reality. It includes the same great features you are used to from Google Expeditions. Classroom content, working offline, instant annotation and simple touch interface all make a return.

ExpeditionsPro allows you to carry out a variety of functions. You can import previously created tours or create your very own. You can view public and professional tours and lead tours in the classroom. We’ll also be adding a number of great new features educators have been asking for such as Video Playback and playlist creation.

First, power on your Android device. Then navigate to and open the Google Play Store app.

Search for ExpeditionsPro. The app’s full name is ‘ExpeditionsPro VR Tours’.

Once you have found it, hit install.

Wait for the app to finish installing.

Once installed, ExpeditionsPro will appear in your app library.

You can now open the app and either log in or create a new account. Alternatively, you can use the app as a guest.

If using ExpeditionsPro within an educational setting , it is recommended to log in on the teacher device only and have the followers use the app as a guest. This will save followers having to create an account which isn’t necessary.

Learn more about ExpeditionsPro here.

If you run into any additional issues, feel free to contact us.