Magic Leap 2 AR Headset Launch


Magic Leap have officially announced that the second iteration of their Augmented Reality headset will be launching on 30th September 2022. Magic Leap have specified that the Magic Leap 2 will be targeting business users looking to make use of the advanced AR capabilities that the headset will be able to offer.

The Magic Leap 2 with its Compute Pack and Controller

Included in the box will be the headset, its compute pack, shoulder strap, controller and more. Check out their website for a comprehensive list of what is included when purchasing the device. The headset will be incredibly slim, even more so than it’s predecessor. To achieve this sleekness, Magic Leap have decided to store most of the device’s computing power in a puck-like device that they are calling the compute pack. This pack will include a quad-core AMD CPU and GPU which the user will wear over their shoulder using a shoulder strap.

Magic Leap has received an impressive level of funding over the years through investors who desperately want to make this fledgling technology a reality. They have now received $3.5 billion in funding to use to develop this technology further, according to Crunchbase. Their impressive line-up of investors feature the likes of Google, JP Morgan and AT&T.

Although the original Magic Leap was seen as a somewhat underwhelming commercial product, it seems as though Magic Leap are doubling down on the aspects of the original headset that worked well. Since the release of the original headset, the manufacturer has laid off a considerable amount of staff and decided to instead divert the focus of the ML2 from the commercial market to enterprise.

It will be interesting to see whether or not The Magic Leap 2 will be an uplifting tale of redemption or an unfortunate and expensive failure. If the Augmented Reality industry has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is guaranteed – even when backed by some of the largest companies in the world.