What is the Best Headset for VR?


The world of Virtual Reality may seem daunting as a newcomer and you may find yourself wondering which is the best headset for VR. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The main thing to consider when purchasing a virtual reality headset is how you will be using it. As virtual reality technology continues to evolve, its uses in multiple different fields begin to increase. From healthcare and education to retail and manufacturing, the possibilities with virtual reality seem to never stop expanding.

We hope that this article helps guide you towards the right VR headset for your needs.

The Pico G2 4K

The Best Headset for Staff Training

Looking for a compact, versatile headset for multi-user staff training? Look no further than the Pico G2 4K. This headset takes the original G2’s focus on high performance and sleek design and takes it one step further by enhancing the resolution to 4K.

The Pico Neo3 Pro

The Best Headset for Immersive 6DoF Experiences

Looking to completely immersive yourself in a 6DoF experience? Then the Neo3 Pro is the way to go. The Neo3 Pro introduced two new 6DoF controllers that use 32 optical tracking sensors for complex environment positioning.

RedboxVR Classroom Kits

The Best Viewers for Classroom VR

Looking for a teaching aid that captivates your students? Then our Classroom VR/AR viewers are perfect for you. Our viewers do not include a strap so that your students are easily able to switch between viewing educational content and listening to their teacher.

The Neo3 Link

The Best Headset for Gaming

Looking for a headset to use for gaming? The Neo3 Link could be for you. Boasting an ergonomic counterweight design, the Neo3 Link guarantees comfort for hours.

We hope that this article has been informative and has helped you to make an informed decision about which virtual reality headset would be best for you. If you already own multiple VR headsets and are looking for a storage solution, check out what we are able to offer below.