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We are thrilled to announce the launch of RedboxVR AB, the Nordic and European branch of RedboxVR. With this expansion we aim to continue bringing the transformative power of Virtual Reality technology to schools, businesses, healthcare professionals and communities across the Nordics and into the whole of Europe.

RedboxVR AB is a proud European distributor of Pico headsets and can provide anything from Single Headsets to Fully-fledged VR Solutions.

Anders Wik, Managing Director of RedboxVR AB

Why Sweden?

Sweden is renowned for its innovation, education system, and commitment to technology integration in various sectors. As a hub for creativity and forward-thinking initiatives, Sweden presents an ideal environment for RedboxVR to thrive.

By establishing a local presence in Sweden, we can better cater to the specific needs of Nordic educators, businesses and organizations, ensuring they have access to cutting-edge VR solutions tailored to their requirements.

Empowering Education

Education lies at the heart of RedboxVR’s mission and our expansion into the Nordics underscores our dedication to supporting educators in leveraging VR technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences. With RedboxVR AB, Nordic schools can now integrate immersive VR content into their curriculum.

This will provide students with unparalleled opportunities for interactive learning, from virtual field trips to historical simulations and language learning. VR opens up new dimensions of engagement and comprehension, inspiring curiosity and igniting a passion for learning.

Elevating Training and Development

In addition to education, RedboxVR AB will also focus on serving businesses, the healthcare sector and organizations in the Nordics by offering innovative VR training and development solutions. Whether it’s employee training, product demonstrations or virtual meetings, VR technology provides a versatile platform for immersive experiences that drive engagement, retention, and collaboration.

By harnessing the power of VR, Nordic businesses can streamline their training processes. reduce costs. and elevate the effectiveness of their learning initiatives.

Why VR?

Did you know that VR learners are:

  • 4x faster to train than traditional training techniques
  • 275% more confident to apply skills learned after training
  • 3.75% more emotionally connected to content than traditional learners
  • 4x more focused than their e-learning peers

Some key takeaways from the PwC 2022 US Metaverse Survey

Enhance your VR experience with us

Elevate your VR experience with our complete kits.

  • High-quality headsets from major vendors: Pico, Meta, HTC & Microsoft
  • Storage and charging solutions: Keep your headsets charged and organised
  • Shooting Kits: Create your own VR content
  • Expert app installation: Pre-installed apps to get you started quicker
  • MDM Solution: Manage and deploy devices and apps efficiently
  • Training & Support: Get the most out of your VR journey with our expert guidance

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