SolasVR Partnership


We have recently partnered with SolasVR – a powerful VR meditation tool that allows its users to momentarily escape from the pressures of urban life and restart their brains with guided meditation in nature with amazing 360° videos.

The features of SolasVR

Majestic Landscapes

A unique journey of the mind in the fields, lakes, mountains of Ireland. Be there even if you are not really there.

Guided Meditations

Make the most of your journey with guided meditations. Be present and refreshed like never before.

Mindful Community

Join the community via their website and Facebook. Become a part of a worldwide mindful movement.

Gifts and family packs

Welcome your friends and family to your mindful world. Purchase a bulk subscription or give the gift of wellbeing to those you care about.

Social Consciousness

For every purchase that you make, a donation to a local charity is made. Everyone deserves a meaningful life.

Regular Updates

The SolasVR library is updated regularly with new landscapes and meditations. Tailor your experience so suit your liking.

Find out more about SolasVR here.