Uvisan cabinet with 99% viruses killed certification

Kills 99.9% of all Viruses & Bacteria

Easy & efficient to use

  • Full Surface Coverage
  • Sanitises any surface of any device or equipment
  • Up to 100 Phones, 50 Tablets or 30 VR headsets
  • Suitable for PPE sanitation
  • Fully tested and certified in line with IEC 62471 and ISO standards
  • Supports battery powered operation when paired with UPS

Uvisan Models


  • Disinfect 30 tablets, 6 laptops or 12 VR headsets in 1 cycle
  • 1 double-sided door
  • RoHS, CE and CCC safety certification
  • Earth leakage and short circuit protection
  • Dimensions: D400mm W750mm H860mm


  • Disinfect 60 tablets, 12 laptops or 20 VR headsets in 1 cycle
  • 2 double-sided door
  • RoHS, CE and CCC safety certification
  • Earth leakage and short circuit protection
  • Dimensions: D600mm W750mm H860mm


  • Disinfect 75 tablets, 18 laptops or 30 VR headsets in 1 cycle
  • 2 double sided door
  • RoHS, CE and CCC safety certification
  • Earth leakage and short circuit protection
  • Dimensions: D900mm W600mm H860mm

Cutting edge sterilisation technology.

Reduce Costs

No wasteful and ineffective wipes required, low running costs

Environmentally Friendly

No wipes to landfill or the sewers, no harmful chemicals

Increased Security

Securely store and charge all your devices in one lockable cabinet

Magnetic Charging

Three charging zones. Magnetic end fast charging cables. Never find your devices without charge again

Protect Equipment

No damage from chemicals or mechanical cleaning

Be Safe & Meet Guidelines

Become Covid secure, RoHS, CE and CCC certification. Earth leakage & short circuit protection


Four ultra universal wheels with locking which ensures easy movement on all surfaces. Available in 3 sizes to suit your needs.

Security & Strength

SPCC 3 Steel construction, 3 point lock.

Ergonomic Design

Double sided doors at the front and back of the cart for easy access.

Uvisan cabinet front-on view

Magnetic Charging

Three charging zones (one per shelf). Magnetic end fast charging cables (effortless plugging).

Easy to Operate

Timer function for safety and maximum control.


RoHS, CE and CCC certification. Earth leakage and short circuit protection.

How it works

Designed around ease of operation and maximum efficiency.

1. Load & Connect

Prepare your equipment and load it up into the cabinet. Use provided charging solution to keep your devices connected. Lock up and begin cleaning cycle.

2. Cleaning Cycle

Use the integrated timer to set the cycle length.

Press start and relax.

3. Ready to Use

Once the cycle is complete the devices are ready to be removed and used. Unlock the cabinet and remove the devices.

Uvisan cabinets have been tested against SARS and MERS which are also both corona viruses and UVC light, the ultraviolet light that Uvisan cabinets use, was proven to be effective against both of those pathogens.


Medical grade low pressure

Uses UVC light which has been repeatedly proven to be effective against all types of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Full Surface Coverage

There are 3 UVC lamps in the cabinets positioned in a very specific way to give a full 360° sanitization effect.

Charging & Disinfection

Seamless integration of charging and sanitation solution to deliver a safe working environment and save time.

RealWear reviewed and recommended Uvisan cabinets to sanitise its headsets.

What customers are saying about Uvisan

“An amazing product with outstanding support! I can give my customers piece of mind when they receive safe and clean devices. It gives them the reassurance they need and shows how much we care as a business about the safety of our staff and customers”

Lez Gryzl, VR-Here

“Uvisan solution is an excellent addition to my VR Experience Centre. It is an essential tool to maintain safety to customers and staff through quick and easy operation. It gives everyone who enters the centre confidence and reassurance of the highest standards we represent as a company.”

Mark Dickson, ImmotionVR

“At the University of Chichester we take pride in ensuring our students have the safest as well as the best experience across everything we do. We needed a solution that was easy to use and would eradicate any infection risk without damaging the sensitive equipment used by our colleagues and students. The Uvisan cabinet was the perfect proven solution allowing us to clean all our equipment in a simple and quick cleaning cycle.”

Rod Matthews, University of Chichester

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