RedboxVR has been appointed the UK reseller of Uvisan


RedboxVR has been appointed the UK reseller of Uvisan products. Uvisan create products which sterilise tech using UV-C light. This form of light is used to kill or inactivate microorganism species like bacteria, viruses, spores and protozoans.

Uvisan products are recommended by Hewlett Packard for disinfecting head mounted displays. This makes them perfect for use alongside the VR headsets that we provide our customers. They are also fully tested and certified in line with IEC 62471 and ISO standards. Additionally, they have been laboratory tested to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Uvisan products are used to disinfect laptops, tablets, headsets and other technology alongside tools and devices. They help to protect both your staff and customers from bacteria and viruses.

RedboxVR has been appointed the UK reseller of Uvisan as we specialise in supplying cutting edge VR technology. Additionally providing a way for the technology to be safely and effectively cleaned means that we can satisfy all needs simultaneously.

Uvisan products require no chemicals, liquids or heat to function and are available in three sizes. They are safe and easy to use whilst maintaining a short cleaning cycle. Featuring their Secure Magnetic RingLock™ Technology and an inbuilt charging station which allows simultaneous charging and disinfection, Uvisan really are the best in class when it comes to high quality sterilisation equipment.

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