SolasVR Partnership for Education


We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with SolasVR, the Virtual Reality meditation platform. We have joined forces to bring immersive meditation to the classroom whilst simultaneously improving student performance and wellbeing. SolasVR offers short meditation breaks that can be highly beneficial in a variety of ways.

SolasVR now included on all kits for Education.

We will now be including SolasVR on all of our kits for education moving forward! SolasVR places your students within an immersive virtual environment and talks them through meditation techniques which can reduce stress, boost creativity and sharpen their communication skills.

All our kits for education will now include a years license to SolasVR alongside the existing free years MEL Science license. Talk about bang for your buck!

This deal also extends to our other kits purchased for educational purposes such as the Pico G2 4K & Neo3.

Pairing SolasVR with Pico technology offers an immersive meditation experience unlike any other. The technology is accessible, affordable, easy to use and requires very little integration and limited IT support.

Already have a kit? No Problem!

We are also offering an exclusive discount on SolasVR to educators who already own a kit for education and want to experience the benefits of using the software for themselves.

SolasVR will be 50% off for owners of RedboxVR Educational Kits for the next 3 months!

Full Immersion

Meditation with SolasVR replicates the feeling of being out in nature, enjoying the inner calmness we are made for.

Inner Tranquillity

SolasVR creates a multi-sensory experience which works as a shield against stress and burnout.

Take a look for yourself…

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Get in touch today to discuss implementing SolasVR into your classroom!